As of 25th March 2020, the previous Media Library will be replaced with the new Media section. 

This guide will walk through the basics of using the system, as follows: 

Please note that the following instructions start from the assumption that you have opened the Media library. To do so, please login to AssetFlow and click Media in the navbar at the top of the page. 

Uploading Media to the library

  • Either drag and drop files into the right hand side of the screen
  • Or, click Open to find and select the files from the files on your computer
  • When you do either of the above you will be presented with a pop-up asking if you wish to tag your files using a pre-existing catalogue name. 
  • Select a catalogue name and hit Submit
  • Or, click the 'X' to cancel the upload. 
  • There is another option to assign based on Lot Number, which is covered later in this document. 

Please note that most standard image files are supported along with most standard non-image files such as .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. 

Selecting a Catalogue (AKA Asset Group)

  • Pick the pre-existing Catalogue from the dropdown menu in the top left hand corner 
  • See that the assets within that Catalogue appear in a list on the left hand side 
  • See that ascending index numbers are assigned to the assets in the list 

Managing images in the media library

  • Rotate images
    • Hover over the image
    • Click the magnifying glass icon
    • Use the rounded arrows to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise 
  • Group images 
    • Select images by clicking on individual items or shift+click to select consecutive images 
    • Click Group in the top right hand corner 
  • Set a lead image within a group 
    • Hover over a group 
    • Click the magnifying glass icon 
    • Use the bookmark tag to set the lead image for this group 
  • Remove images from a group 
    • Hover over a group 
    • Click the magnifying glass icon
    • Use the minus sign to remove images from the group 
  • Deleting images from the library
    • Hover over individual images 
    • Click the trash can icon to delete the image
    • Click to confirm or cancel the deletion from the pop-up

Assigning images to assets 

  • Click items to select them and assign an index number
  • Click Select All to assign index numbers in ascending order to all images in the library
  • Edit the index number if required 
  • Click Assign Selected Items to assign the selected media items to the asset with the matching index number 

Assigning Images by Lot Number

It is possible to upload media and assign it based on the filename of the image, all in one go. The prerequisite is that the images must be named prior to uploading such that image 1-1.jpg represents lot 1 image 1, where an image called '8-5.jpg' represents lot 8 image 5, etc. The lots in the group must also have lot numbers assigned. 

  • First, select a Catalogue (or group) from the list in the top left 
  • Drag and drop or select the images that are already labelled appropriate
  • From the pop-up, select the left hand grey box that says "Assign files to [group name] Catalogue by Lot Number":
  • This will initiate the upload and assign the images to the appropriate lots by number. 

Assigning non-image media to assets 

  • Follow the instructions for assigning images to assets 

Image ordering 

  • Only the lead image can be set, all other files are added into the group in the order they appear selected 
  • Image order can be set outside of the media library once assigned. See this document. 

Inspect assigned images 

  • In order to see images that have been assigned to an asset, expand the left hand panel using the arrow at the top of the panel 
  • Click on assets to view their assigned images larger