Create an auction within the bidlogix system. 



{auctioneerId} : the id of the auctioneer you wish to create an auction within - must exist within bidlogix. 


Http Method: POST


See API Security - Generating your Signature

Query String Parameters

See General API Information

Post Data

Please find attached an example of a successful Post body. 

The following data must be sent to bidlogix to create an auction with a value as indicated in the table below:



Value Range



typeString'timed' or 'webcast'. NB market place auctions cannot be created via the api.Y-

All other parameters must be sent although only some are actually saved and all other parameter values will be ignored and values will be defaulted (e.g. autionStartTime will be defaulted to the date and time that the call is made). Parameters marked as "saved" in the table below will have the value from the API saved and anything marked as "defaulted" will be overwritten by the default value from the system. 

These additional parameters are as follows. Note that any values sent 'out of bounds' (e.g. buyers premium > 100%) or otherwise broken will be overridden by default values.



Business Rules

Saved or Defaulted?


Longa unique identifier within the bidlogix system - sent back by bidlogix to the caller for foreign key storagedefaulted to system assigned value
titleStringThe title or name of the auction.saved
descriptionStringA description of the auction.defaulted to blank


The auctioneer identified by the query string parameter 'auctioneerId' - must exist within bidlogix system.defaulted dependant on value in call

Defaults for item charges applicable in this auction.



whether to apply sales tax

defaulted to true

buyersPremiumRequiredbooleanwhether to apply buyers premium

defaulted to true

buyersPremiumBigDecrate at which to apply buyers premiumdefaulted to value from auctioneer
bpTaxRateBigDecrate at which to apply tax on buyers premiumsaved
chargesTaxRateBigDecrate at which to apply chargessaved
hammerTaxRateBigDecrate at which to apply tax on the hammer pricesaved

defaultDepositLongIf a user is required to pay a deposits (in auction registration) then this will be the default amount.defaulted to auctioneer default


CountryModelSee Common Data document applicable if credit card validation is turned on.defaulted to auctioneer default


Booleansets this auction to be featured - i.e. to display before other auctions in calendar / home pages.defaulted to false


UrlAttachmentApiModelSee Common Data document
defaulted to none
documentsList<UrlAttachmentApiModel>See Common Data document
defaulted to none 
locationAddressModelSee Common Data document
Saved  or defaulted to empty address.



auctionClosesDate time

Timed Auctions: Date and time the auction closes - items will be created with this date & time as their end time if not overridden. Timed auctions are not displayed on the home/calendar pages after this date.

Webcast Auctions: No relevance except that webcast auctions are not displayed on the home/calendar pages after this date.

auctionStartsDate time

Timed Auctions: Date and time the auction starts.

Webcast Auctions: The time pre-bidding ends and the live auction begins.

defaults to the time/date the call is made
clearanceCommentStringNotes on clearance of itemsdefault 
clearanceStartDateDate timeStart of collection of goodsdefault
clearanceEndDateDate timeEnd of collection of goodsdefault
viewingCommentStringComments on viewing.default
viewByAppointmentStringWhether an appointment is required and if so the detailsdefault
viewingStartDateDate timeStart of viewingdefault
viewingEndDateDate timeEnd of viewingdefault

Timed Auctions Only
staggerEndTimesBooleanToggles the stagger end time featuredefault to off
endTimeIncrementInMinsIntegerThe time intervals set for the closing of items / groups of itemsdefault
endTimeIncrementStepSizeInLotsIntegerThe size of the groups of items set to close at the same time.default

Measured in days. Applies to item type 'Lots' only.

If either 'buy now' or 'make offer' features are switched on for a given lot then the feature will automatically switch off this number of days before the lot end time. The value defaults to 2 days and so any lot with buy now or make offer enabled will have the feature disabled 2 days before the end time.

default to 2 days
extensionIntegernumber of seconds before the end time of the lot that, if a bid is placed during this time frame, overtime bidding (time extension) will be triggered.

default to 600 seconds


See Status Codes document.