There are two ways to enter and manage lot numbers: Either manually or automatically. 

Manually entering Lot Numbers 

Lot numbers can be entered manually either per lot, in bulk or in the Asset Group view. 

  1. To enter a lot number per asset during creation, scroll down to the Bidding Details section and fill in the Lot Number field. Editing individual assets works in the same way.
  2. To manually enter lots in bulk, download the assets you wish to number, make the changes within the CSV file then reupload to changes. 
  3. To manually edit the lot numbers within the Asset Group view, navigate to the pertinent asset group. You will see that the lot number fields show within this view and can be filled in from here.

Automatically entering Lot Numbers 

Lot numbers can be automatically assigned to assets. 

  • Navigate to the asset group 
  • Click the blue Renumber Lot Numbers button
  • Enter the starting lot number
  • This will automatically apply numeric ordering to the assets based on their current order. Please note that any filters will be ignored and numbering will apply to all eligible lots (i.e. Draft/Sales Development pre-approval, etc.) whether they are currently displayed (due to filters) or not. If there are any assets in the list that are currently in a sale, renumbering will not be possible. 

Reordering Lots by Lot Number 

When making changes to lot numbers, you may find that they no longer display in the correct lot order. From the Asset Group view, click the blue Reorder by Lot Number button to see the assets reordered as appropriate.