In order to view any assets that are pending your approval, click on the My Approvals button on your dashboard: 

You can see the number of pending approvals in red text on this button. 

Once you have clicked on My Approvals, you will be presented with a list of these pending assets, as shown below: 

You can use filtering to narrow down the list you are looking at. There are some filters on display by default and you can find more by clicking on the Additional Filters section. 

Filters available: 

  • Asset Title
  • Asset Group
  • Location 

Additional filters available: 

  • Deal 
  • Section 
  • Created By

Once you have filtered down the results, you can click on the asset titles to open the individual assets or you can action the approvals in bulk from here. To do so, tick the box next to the assets you wish to approve or select all by ticking the box at the top of the list. 

Once you have selected at least one asset you will see an Actions button appear at the top of the list along with an indication of how many assets will be affected by this action, as follows: 

Finally, you will see the regular approval actions under the Actions dropdown: 

Please note that when bulk rejecting or sending for correction you will be asked to add a comment about this action. This single comment will be noted against all assets actioned.