In order to make sure that buttons and BidJS dependant elements (such as displaying the "Welcome Username" message, there must be elements of BidJS included on those pages but subsequently hidden (e.g. via CSS). We recommend using the My Sales module to achieve this so that it has the least performance impact. 

Include the following in the <script> tags within the <head>: 

window.bidjs = {
  config: {
    apiBase: '//<<APPLICATION_URL>>/auction-007/api',
    clientId: '<%= clientId %>',
    googleMapsApiKey: "<<APIKEY>>",
    staticBase: '//<<APPLICATION_URL>>/static/<%= version %>',
    staticCDN: 'https://static.<%= domain %>',
    staticVersion: '<%= moduleVersion %>',
    templateVariant: 'bootstrap3'
  modules: {
    mySales: true
  options: {
    standalone: true

Insert the following into the HTML body, where you wish this element to "appear" on the page, although you will hide it later: 

<div class="container bidlogix-app">
  <div id="bidjs"></div>

Insert this final code at the end of the <body>: 

<script src="https://static.<%= domain %>/<%= moduleVersion %>/bootstrap3/js/bidjs-modules.chunk.js"></script>

Then hide the My Sales element using CSS.