Currently, there is no feature in place to determine the order of asset images when sending them over to Bidlogix. However, you can use the following instructions to ensure that your chosen first image appears in the correct place in Bidlogix. 

1. Navigate to and open the details for your asset where the images have already been uploaded 

2. Expand the Media section of the asset: 

3. Click the edit icon next to the image you wish to appear as the first image in bidlogix:

4. Edit the name of that file to be numerically first: 

5. Then hit Save and check the filename in the Media list: 

6. Check that the image is now numerically first out of all of your images: 

7. When the images are sent over to Bidlogix, the numerically first image will appear first when the item goes live: 

Please note: You can further determine the order of the images in this way i.e. relabelling the image file names into numerical order will ensure that they appear in your chosen order: