(Please note, this document refers to images that have already been assigned to assets. In order to see how to assign assets to media using the Media library, click here or click here to see how to add images directly to an asset).

The order of images in AssetFlow is set by alphanumerical order of the filename i.e. if an image has filename 0001.png then this will appear before image 0002.png, for example. You can edit filenames within the Asset Details view in order to change the order of the images. (Please note that this order now persists when sending over to Bidlogix, as of March 2020). 

To change the filename (and therefore order) of an image, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to and open the details for your asset where the images have already been uploaded (or assigned using the Media library)

2. Expand the Media section of the asset: 

3. Click the edit icon next to the image you wish to appear as the first image in bidlogix:

4. Edit the name of that file: 

5. Then hit Save and check the filename in the Media list: 

6. See that your image order has changed based on the new filename: 

7. When the images are sent over to Bidlogix, images will appear in alphanumerical order of filename (i.e. the same order displayed in AssetFlow):