Updates to BidJS are versioned, so that you can pull in updates at your convenience, and so that by releasing an update, we don't disrupt your website or styles.

We have three types of update that we release:

Patch - Bug Fixes

Assuming that these fixes don't interfere with existing functionality, bug fixes will overwrite an existing release. This means that no action is required by you in order to receive urgent bug fixes.

Minor - New Features

These should not require any changes of implementation, but may introduce some new functionality that you may wish to review or restyle, particularly if you have heavily over-branded the BidJS Client.

Major - Breaking Changes

These are large updates which will require changes to your implementation in order to use.

Initial Version

Along with your Configuration Details you will be provided the current version, to be used during further implementation steps.

Support Timeframe

We support 3 releases. 

Upon release, you will receive the Release Notes, informing you of the changes, and any new version.

You will need to ensure your application is updated within a 3-release period in order to ensure continuing functionality. This is to ensure ongoing security for all users, as well as giving your customers the best possible experience.

Updating Version

When you choose to update your existing version, you simply need to update the Version in your dependencies URL to the new version. See our Upgrading Modules document for more details. 

As of October 2019, clients can now specify versions either as major or minor. For example, with release 2.1, clients can switch their version number to just "2", which will then automatically update for any increment of version 2. For example, when we release the next minor version i.e.. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. any new features or changes will automatically be implemented. 

Clients can opt instead to specify minor version numbers, such as 2.1, which will allow you greater control and will prevent any new features being automatically implemented. This is recommended for clients using a highly customised styling. 

BidJS Versions

Version Number

Release date

Currently supported

Version Update

  • Consolidate BidJS and modules versions to V3.0
  • Webcast video-centric option
  • Modular webcast no longer optional
  • Modular Forgotten Password
  • Switch to websockets
  • Migrated login to modules
  • Create account / my settings / auction registration are now modules 
  • CC auth and location based auto approval features brought in
V2.1 16-10-19Yes 
  • New Webcast module
  • Ability to choose between implementing minor or major version updates
  • Configuration overhaul. Please see new installation documentation. 
  • Ability to view invoice list on the front end (using Modules version V1.4)


03-06-19 No
  • Adds custom Google Analytics tracking support
  • OpenTok Dependency Updates
V1.4 update03-05-19No
  • Adds MySales details module
  • OpenTok Dependency Updates


  • Adds a browser compatibility warning to BidJS for users viewing the software on Internet Explorer 11 and below
  • Adds an optional browser compatibility warning to BidJS Modules for users viewing the software on Internet Explorer 11 and below
  • Adds a new BidJS Hook: x-bidlogix--vendor-show for links to display to vendor users only (e.g. My Sales)

Upgrade Notes


An additional option is available in your BidJS configuration to allow you to customise the Browser Compatibility message.

By default this reads:

Your browser is not supported. Please use a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to ensure full functionality

This can be overridden with the following option

$(document).ready(function() {  PageApp.start({    ...    options: {      unsupportedBrowserMessage: 'your custom alert content'    },    ...  });});



Introducing Modules (v 0.1) to BidJS - This implements the first BidJS Module, a new concept which is covered in detail within the Technical Documentation

See our separate BidJS Modules document for more information.


NoNo technical upgrade notes applicable


No as of 12/04/19No technical upgrade notes applicable


No as of 09/11/18Upgrade Notes

This version upgrade includes a change to the Google Maps API. To ensure that you aren't charged needlessly for your maps usage, as per the following three steps are required:

  1. Remove the reference to Google Maps from your script tags in the head of your website, assuming you don't require this elsewhere on your website.

    Existing Maps Example - To Remove
    <script defer="" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

  2. Within your BidJS javascript snippet, add a new property of "googleMapsAPIKey" with your API Key.
    For example:

    JavaScript Snippet
    PageApp.start({  apiBase: "yourApiBase",  clientId: "/yourClientId",  staticBase: "yourStaticBase",  googleMapsAPIKey: "YourAPIKey"});

  3. Finally, log on to the account you used to set up your google maps API key (or create an account if you don't have one).
    • Under APIs, you should be able to add "Embed API" to your token



Upgrade Notes

If enabling OAuth2.0 authentication, please ensure you follow all instructions mentioned in the Technical Documentation.


NoNo technical upgrade notes applicable

Modules Versions - See Modules documentation