You can find all your pending approvals by clicking My Approvals on the right hand side of your Dashboard: 

From here, tick any assets you wish to approve in bulk:

Then select Actions > Approve , as shown below: 

Please note that these will be approved even if different sections of assets are awaiting approval. E.g. you can approve the General Info section for one asset at the same time as approving the Finance section of another. 

Please also note: You can bulk Approve, Reject and Send for Correction. 

You can use the filters within this view to make finding your assets easier. You can type into the fields to search, then click on the result in the dropdown menu, or hit enter to search for your typed text: 

You can also click the Additional Filters dropdown to show you more options for refining your search: 

Finally, you can also click the column title to sort the assets by that column: