Lot alerts are a great way for bidders to keep up to date with the items they want, on the days of their choosing.

Each time new items are added that match a search criteria set, bidders will receive an email clearly showing how many new results have been returned and where to find them.

Bidders are in complete control as to when they wish to receive their alerts and can edit, pause or delete their alerts at any point, all within My Alerts.

Setting up Alerts

  • Log in to your Live Bidding account and click on My Account and select My Alerts from the drop down menu.

  • Click on the Create New Alert button

  • In the pop up window will appear, as follows: 

  • Enter an appropriate name for your alert, e.g. Furniture for Front Room. 
  • Next, input your Search criteria. This can be a simple open search such as 'Furniture' or, you can receive more tailored results by using 'AND' / 'OR' within the search criteria. Here's an example: -
    • For general results type "Jewellery" in the Search criteria
    • To return more specific results you can use 'AND' such as “Gold AND Necklace”. Items retrieved will be tagged both Gold and Necklace. 
    • To return a more expansive selection of lots you can use 'OR', such as “Gold OR Necklace”. Items retrieved will be tagged either Gold or Necklace. 
  • Next, tick the boxes to select which days you wish to receive your alerts.
  • Finally, click Save.

  • Your alert(s) will now appear in a list on the screen, as shown below: 

  • Users can manage their alerts at any time by pressing the action buttons in line with to the Alert name. 

    • Press pause button to pause the alert with the ability to enable it again later
    • Press the pencil icon to edit the alert 
    • Press the bin icon to delete the alert. 
  • Users can also press View under Results to see any items returned by their Alert. 

Once you have set up an alert, you will be emailed any new items matching your search criteria that have been added since your last alert. This will contain links to view these items and to bid once the items are live.