This document aims to provide potential answers to frequently asked questions. Please note that if you cannot find an answer that works for your particular situation, please contact us on so that we can help. 

Question or Issue

Potential Resolutions 

How Can I Change an Approver?

You cannot make any changes to the approver or approval structure once the approvals request has begun. 

Any changes to who approves an asset or which stages of the asset need approval should be made before the asset is created. The last point at which approvals can be changed is before the Request Approvals stage has started. 

My Asset Won't Send to a Sale

Error message: Asset is Missing Fields 

The error message says you are missing fields, but all essential fields (marked with a red asterisk *) are already complete. In this case, the problem is that the Sale Configuration section has not been fully completed. You must ensure that the Selling Mode i.e. Lot or Listing has been selected, and that a Purchase Option is set. This can be done as a Bulk Edit for all assets concerned (provided they need the same option selected). 

Assets will not Send to the Marketplace

If your assets will not send to the marketplace, it is likely that they are missing an End Date. This must be assigned manually to each asset and cannot be group edited. 


If your assets will not send to a sale, you may be missing approvals. 

The "Send to Auction" button is not Showing

If no assets will send to either an Auction or Marketplace, it is likely that there are no bidding details in place. 

My Asset won't save!

This usually indicates that one of the fields has an error in it - this is usually an unaccepted character. The most common example of this is attempting to put a decimal (.) or comma (,) into a numerical field.
Please Note: You may not be able to see why this error has occurred and that the asset will just not save. 

Why Can't I See My Asset?

Assets are defined by many different aspects, which may inhibit the ability to see them in certain views. 

The most likely reason you are unable to see an asset is if you have the incorrect Customer selected. 

If you have the correct Customer selected, make sure you clear any Filters that may be restricting the number of assets you can see. 

Make sure you have checked all the pages of assets (they are limited to up to 60 assets per page). 

Why can't I "Send for Correction" on certain sections? / Why can I only see "Send for Correction" sometimes?

The option to Send for Correction is only available if one stage of approvals has already taken place. Once at least one stage has been approved, users will be shown the ability to Send for Correction. 

Why can't I accept/reject the Invoice & Settlement yet?

If you have approvals in place for either of the last two sections, these need to be approved before the final settlement can be accepted/rejected. 

Why can't I request approvals?

You may not be able to request approvals depending on several factors:

  • You may not have the privileges/access to do so 
  • There may not be any users assigned to the pertinent location or approval stage. 

In either case, contact your administrator for further information. 

Why can't I reject the Make Offer & Bids section?

This is a design choice in the software whereby the bids have been brought in from your bidding platform (bidlogix) and as such cannot be queried or deleted from this end. Because of this, the option to reject the bidding information is not available. 

I can't see my required location?

If you need to add a location to your setup, you may be able to do so yourself if you have the correct privileges. 

If you do not have the required privileges, please contact us on, stating the address in the following format: 

Any address lines personal to your customer (such as Nickname, etc.) seperated by a comma, followed Line 1, Line 2, Zip/Post Code, City, County, Country.

How do I know that Assets are ready for my approval?

You can see any pending assets by taking a look at the right hand side of your dashboard. 

If configured to do so, you may also receive an email notification. Please contact your administrator for more information. 

Should I bulk approve assets?

You can bulk approve assets (please note that all selected assets must be in the same status in order to bulk approve).

Please Note: Bulk approvals are not necessarily recommended due to the fact that approvals are in place to make sure that each asset is checked and the details are ensured to be correct as far as possible. Bulk approving may cause some details to be omitted if they are not first checked per asset. 

Why can't I bulk accept/reject the invoice & settlement section?

This is temporary and will be a new feature in upcoming releases. 

Please note that Invoice & Settlement cannot currently be bulk accepted/cancelled. This is anticipated to be updated as of the August 2018 release. 

Bulk Approval - What if I Make a Mistake? 

If you have made a mistake with approvals, you can cancel them as long as the item has not been sent to a sale

To cancel approvals:

  • Select the affected assets as described in the above sections.
  • Click the blue Actions button at the top of the list. 
  • Select Approval > Cancel Approvals

Please Note!

Cancelling approvals in this way will cancel ALL approvals for these assets. The Approval process will need to be restarted.