This document aims to address behaviour and use of the Invoice & Settlement stage of an Asset's journey. 

Please Note: Assets must be Reconciled before they return to AssetFlow as Sold or Unsold. 

Entering the Invoice & Settlement Status

This Invoice & Settlement stage occurs once the asset has fully returned to Asset Flow. Please note that if there are approvals required for the final two asset sections, these will need to be in place before the Invoice & Settlement stage begins. 

Invoice & Settlement will only be available for assets that have been sold/transferred/etc. Any assets that are not sold will return to Asset Flow as Unsold. 

Once the item fulfils the above criteria, the Status dropdown will display Invoice & Settlement, as below: 

From here you have the option to either accept or cancel the settlement: 

Accepting the Settlement

If you accept the settlement, the Asset will be marked as Sold. From here, the asset can be Archived. 

Cancelling the Settlement

If you reject the settlement, the asset will be marked as Unsold. From there, you can either start the Sales Development phase again, or you can mark the item as Unsellable/Waste: 

If you select Start Sales Development, you will be able to sell the item again via the usual process. 

If you select Mark Unsellable/Waste then your asset will be marked as Unsellable and can be Archived.