To start with an asset must be created with the compulsory fields completed, which may be different from user to user depending on your Company settings. 

The asset sections may also need to be approved prior to successfully setting the asset to Sales Development and sending an asset to an auction/sale, depending on your Company settings.

Please note: The walk through outlined below is based on no approvals required.

  • Create the asset and complete (at least) the required fields marked with * and then click SAVE.

  • Update the status of the Asset from Draft to Sales Development.

  • Complete the required information for the BIDDING DETAILS section of the asset and click SAVE - For assistance with this please reference Item Fields Explained help document.

It is worth noting that the Buyers Premium, Buyers Premium Tax, Hammer Tax, Charges and Charges Tax fields within BIDDING DETAILS can be left blank in order to pick up the auction template data when the asset is sent into bidlogix.

  • Go to the SALE INFO section of the asset, select AUCTION

  • Select the Auctioneer you wish to send the asset through to by clicking on the Auctioneer* drop down.

  • Select the Auction you wish the asset to be sent to by clicking on the Auction Title Drop down.

  • Finally click SELL ON AUCTION and, as long as all of the required information is inputted, you will see a green message as per the image below.

Once the asset has been sent to bidlogix it will be in DRAFT status within the auction and therefore will not yet show publicly - To navigate to this, with a view to setting the asset to show publicly, you will need to have a bidlogix account with Admin status.

  • Log into the admin and click on the Auctions & Items header, then select View Auctions

  • Click on the number of items link for the pertinent auction (see image below).

  • The assets will be in DRAFT status.

  • Please Note: You might need to correct the Vendor assigned to the asset as this is currently done alphabetically. Do this by selecting the asset by ticking and click Bulk Edit (see image below). Once in the Bulk Edit screen you can edit any field of the asset you wish as items within an auction can all have independent data. Once editing is complete click on Save and Finish from the Bulk Edit screen.

  • In order for the asset to show publicly it must have a LIVE status. Depending if the asset has been edited or not it's status will either be DRAFT (if not edited) or PREVIEW (if edited and saved).

  • From DRAFT the asset must be Validated by selecting the asset and clicking Validate (see image below). Once validated the Asset will be in PREVIEW status.

  • From PREVIEW the asset must be approved to LIVE by clicking on the Approve button, then selecting confirm. (see image below)

  • Once the asset is LIVE it will show publicly, assuming the Auction has been approved to also have a status of LIVE

Please note: If there are already assets/items in bidlogix, the lot numbers will start after the lot number of the existing items.