Please watch this video to see how to approve assets individually: 

Or you can approve assets in bulk: 

Each time an approval is requested for a section(s) of an asset the User responsible for approving the section will be notified by email (if you have this feature enabled).

Upon Logging in, if there are any outstanding approvals required the user will again be notified within the Activity Screen/Dashboard (login screen) and a direct link to the pertinent asset(s) will be displayed in the right of the screen as a red notification next to MY APPROVALS.(see image below)

Once the Approver has navigated to the My Approvals view, they will see a list of pending assets that they have approval responsibilities for. (see images below) They can either click into each asset and action them manually by clicking the APPROVE, DECLINE or SEND FOR CORRECTION buttons. They can also select many/all assets from the My Approvals list and action them in bulk. 

Please Note!

If this section/stage is the first to be approved/declined for this asset, then you will not see the Send for Correction option. This option is only available for assets with multiple approval stages where one stage has already been approved. 

What happens if DECLINE or SEND TO CORRECTION are selected?

If DECLINE or SEND TO CORRECTION are selected the Approver must first provide a reason for the action in the pop up window generated.

Once this has been Rejected an email will be issued to the Asset Creator to advise as to the action/corrections required. 

The approvals process can then begin, as above, once the corrections have been made.

Please Note!

If there is an approval required for the Make Offer & Bids section, this will need to be approved before the asset fully returns to Asset Flow from the sale. An example of this is if the Make Offer & Bids section is approved, the user will then be able to accept or reject the settlement for this asset.
If there is no approval in place for any section after the sale, the settlement can be accepted/rejected once the item is reconciled in Bidlogix.