Please Note!

Requesting Approvals requires a certain privilege. If you cannot request approvals following the instructions below, you probably do not have the correct privileges. Contact your administrator for further information. 

Please watch this video to see how to request approvals individually: 

Or you can request approvals in bulk: 

In order to enable/start Approval Requests for a section of an Asset, the Asset's status must be manually changed from Draft to Sales Development.

To enable the Asset to be set to Sales Development all compulsory fields must be completed, the Asset Saved to Draft status and then the status changed from the Status drop down (see image below):

Once an Asset's status has been set to Sales Development you will see a REQUEST APPROVALS link, clicking this link will set the Approval status to In Progress and an email will be sent to the designated Approver, advising of the outstanding actions required (see image below).

The Asset Creator / Approval Requester can cancel the approvals requested at any point - prior to being approved - by clicking on CANCEL APPROVALS(see image below).

The designated Approver for the section of the Asset Pending Approval can be seen at the top right of each section, clicking on the Approver's initials will navigate you through to their contact page (see image below)