Archiving the Assets in a Group (But not the Group itself)

To archive all the assets inside a group: 

  • Go to Asset Groups 
  • Tick the box next to the Name of your Asset Group 

  • Click the Actions tab and select Archive 

  • The Assets in the selected group will now be archived but the group remains live. 

Archiving a Group (But not the Assets in it)

To archive a group but leave the assets live: 

  • Go to Asset Groups
  • Click the three dots symbol at the end of the group row
  • Select Archive from the dropdown menu 

  • The group will now be archived but the assets will remain. 
  • You can find archived asset groups by ticking the Show Archived box under filters

How do I know if My Asset Belongs to an Archived Group? 

An archived group title appears in italics under the asset group column: