Methods of Bulk Operation

There are two methods to bulk edit/bulk action assets: 

  • Up to 500 at a time using bulk Edit
  • Per Group 

Asset List - Bulk Actions

To see how to change asset status in bulk, please watch this video or read the instructions below: 

To edit all the items per page: 

  • Click the Assets tab to bring up a list of assets
  • Change the Items on page dropdown to the maximum number of assets per page i.e. 500 assets
  • As appropriate, use the Filters to show the assets that require a change 
  • Click the tick box next to Actions to select all the visible assets, or tick the box next to the Asset image to select it
  • Click Actions to show the available actions for the selected assets 

Below is an example of actions available (but these options will change depending on the current status of the assets.)

How To Bulk Edit Assets

Please watch this video to see how to bulk edit assets, or follow the instructions below: 

  • Follow the instructions above. 
  • From the Actions menu, select Edit
  • This will take you to the Asset Bulk Edit screen. 
  • Tick the box next to the field(s) you wish to change for all selected assets 
  • Make changes to those selected fields 

  • Click Save Bulk Edit at the bottom of the screen. 

  • You will be asked to confirm. Click OK to proceed. 

Please Note!

If you select to bulk edit the Selling Mode within Bidding Details section, this will overwrite any information in any other fields within this section that are revealed as a result of the Selling Mode selection, such as Bid Increment or Opening Bid etc. For example, if you have unique bid increments in place for the assets you are bulk editing, selecting to change the Selling Mode for these assets will remove any unique bidding increments for all selected assets. 

Group Bulk Edit

To edit all assets in a group: 

  • Assign the assets to an appropriate group 
  • Click the Assets tab
  • Click the Asset Groups label in the top left hand corner 

  • Click the tick box next to the group name you wish to edit
  • Click the Actions dropdown
  • Select the required action for that asset group. 
  • Note: You cannot bulk edit assets here, only bulk action them. If you select edit, this will edit the group itself.