Watch this video to see how to edit assets via download/upload:

If you need to edit many assets in one go it might be easier to use the download/upload method. 

The assets to be edited must not be in Sales in Progress status i.e. the asset is currently active in bidlogix. (Please note, this status may have been renamed for your Customer.) 

Downloading Assets 

Note that if you wish to use the download to edit assets, you do not need to download all columns. Columns can also be removed before re-uploading if required and as such that existing information will be retained. You MUST however retain the Asset ID column as this aligns the new information with the existing asset on this system. 

Editing Assets

Predominantly please note: 

  • Where possible, do not include the characters & < > or \. These will not be properly recognised by the system and will instead print their escaped version i.e. "&amp;". This applies for all fields. 
  • Make sure you enter locations correctly (see above). Specifically, check for and remove any extra spaces, and make sure levels are separated by a forward slash ( / ). 
  • Ensure that you have entered the configuration correctly (it is case sensitive).
  • Predefined locations require that you enter the exact format of the location levels when using bulk upload.
  • Non-predefined locations require you to leave this field blank. This will Remove the current location information so you must re-input the locations for your assets using bulk edit after uploading. 

Uploading Edited Assets 

To upload the edited assets, navigate to the Bulk Upload Assets screen (Click the Asset tab > Bulk Upload Assets). 

In the Update Existing Assets section, click the Choose File button. Locate your upload in your files and click Open. Finally, click Update Existing Assets

If successful, you will receive a success notification, as shown below.