To find a particular asset you can either navigate to the Assets page by clicking on the Assets header. Here you can:

  • Search for assets by their title using the Search box.
  • Filter assets by their Auction
  • Filter assets by their Deal
  • Filter assets by their Stage
  • Filter assets by their Asset Group
    • Note: You can only view one Group's assets at a time. If you select one assets group then change to another, it will unselect the first group. 
  • Filter assets by their Owner (the person that created the asset)
  • Filter assets by their Approval Status 
  • Show Archived Assets by selecting the Show Archived tick box


Use the Search... box in the header that will bring back all results (i.e. Assets, Deals, Contacts etc) that match the search criteria.

  • Enter the search term(s) into the search bar in the toolbar

  • Results of any deals, contacts, business accounts, and assets will be shown. 
  • Click on results to go to the relevant page. 

Please Note

If you do not get the expected results, consider changing the Customer.

Also note that filters will persist per session. This means that if you select filters, then navigate to a different area of asset flow and come back, your filters will still be in place. The only time your filters will be reset will be either if you click "Clear all", you log out, or you close your browser.