Draft – Asset has been created but has not yet been approved or sent into a sale. In Order for Approvals to be requested the asset status must be changed to Sales Development.

Assets in Draft status can be deleted / removed within the Asset screen by clicking on the '...' at the far right of each Draft asset and then clicking Remove.

Sales Development – Asset status is updated for the purposes of allowing approvals to be requested or, if approvals are not required, the asset can be sent into a sale once this status is set.

Sales In Progress – Asset has been sent into a sales process and is therefor subject to receiving bids or purchase options (Make Offer, Buy Now, Transfer etc) against it.

Invoicing & Settlement – The asset has reached it's end time within the sale it was sent to - an offer has been made against the item and/or a bid has been placed that has reached above the reserve. The asset's Settlement can now be accepted or cancelled by an admin.

Sold – An asset that was previously in Invoicing & Settlement status has had it's settlement accepted by an admin.

Unsold - An asset that was previously in Invoicing & Settlement status has had it's settlement rejected by an admin. At this point the asset can either be re-marked for Sales Development (with a view to placing the asset into another sale) or marked as Unsellable/Waste.

Please Note: The process of marking assets as Unsellable / Waste cannot be undone once actioned.

Unsellable/Waste - See Unsold above.

Archiving Assets – Archiving an asset will not change it's status per se. The purpose of archiving assets is for general housekeeping for all users. Archived assets no longer appear within the main list of Live assets and therefore allow users to focus only on the important, live assets whilst still being able to find previous data if required.