To send an Item Message to the public

  •  Enter the text in the Announcement box > select ItemStandardEveryone and click the Internet button - see image below:

  • The message will appear on top of the current item being sold in the Webcast:

To remove the current Item Message

  • Clear the text (message) in the Announcement Box and re-click the Internet button


To send an Auction Message to the public

  • Enter your Auction message in the Announcement Box - Select AuctionStandard, Everyone and click the Internet button
  • When an Auction Message is sent publicly the Internet button's text will show in red - see below image:

Please Note

The same rule applies for clearning an Auction message as with an Item message (see above)


To send Popup Messages to the public

Please Note

Popup messages can only be sent when Item is selected and will remain visible until the User clicks the 'x' in the Popup message

  • Enter your popup message in the Announcement box > select Item, Popup and Everyone and click the Internet button

  • You can send multiple Popup messages by clicking the Internet button multiple times (see image below):

To send Messages to the currently Winning Bidder only

  • Input your message into the Announcement Box (as per points 1 to 3 above)
  • Choose what type of message you wish to send (i.e. Popup, Standard, Item and / or Auction)  Ensure the Winning tab is selected

  • Click on Internet
  • When the message is showing in the User's front end the Internet button's text will appear as Red

Please Note

To remove the message, remove the text  from the Announcement Box and re-click the Internet button.