Setting up a Placeholder

Placeholder auctions can be used to allow users to register for an auction but not bid on the items before a specified date. Use the following instructions to set up a placeholder auction: 

  • Create your auction 
  • Create a placeholder lot with Item number set to be Lot 0 and use a title, summary, description and image that will give an overall impression of the auction, or featured item image, etc. at your discretion.  
  • Set Lot 0 to be LIVE, and approve the auction. 

At this point, the auction will appear in the Auction Calendar, and users will be able to register using the login / registration links on Lot 0, as below: 

Please Note

Users will be able to bid on this item, but it is unlikely they will do so. You may wish to include a "please do not bid on Lot 0" message within the description of the item / auction. You could also create a Listing rather than a Lot, and set the purchase option to "NONE", prohibiting bidding on this item. 

Adding the Real Items

Once the placeholder / Lot 0 item is in place and showing as live: 

  • Add all your real items
  • Leave them in PREVIEW status
  • Your item list should appear as below: 

Go Live and Allow Bidding

Once you are ready for bidding to commence: 

  • Approve all the real items (select all and press the grey Approve button) 
  • Withdraw the placeholder / Lot 0

Once these steps have been completed, the real items will appear in the auction as normal, bidders will be able to start bidding on the real items as well as being able to watch them.