The media library can be used to upload images, videos and documents that can be assigned to assets at a later date. This may be useful when using the Bulk Upload Assets method. 

How to Upload Media to the Media Library

Click the Media Library tab. 


To upload images, PDF files or YouTube videos, drag and drop them onto the dotted box. Alternatively, click CHOOSE FILE to pick a file from your computer to upload, as shown below. 

To upload a video, first find it on YouTube. Then copy and paste the video's URL into the appropriate box. Click ADD to add the video, as shown below. 

When the files are ready to upload, you will be able to rename the items by clicking in the Title... boxes. You can also remove any unwanted media before uploading by clicking the orange X buttons. 

Once your media has successfully uploaded, the blue ready bars will become green uploaded bars. 

How to delete media from the media library

Open the media library as shown above. 

Find the media item you wish to remove. 

Click the trash icon in the bottom right hand corner: 

How to Assign Media to Assets using the Media Library - During Asset Creation

To assign media that has already been uploaded while creating assets simply click on the MEDIA LIBRARY button below the media upload area (see How to Create Single Assets).

Select the images you wish to assign. This is shown below: 

These will be assigned when you press Save  or Save and add another

Follow the same steps for a media device: 


How to Assign Media to Assets using the Media Library - After Asset Creation

To add media after asset creation is complete, click the Assets tab at the top of the screen.  Click on your asset's Name to open it. 

Once you have opened the asset, scroll down to see the Media section. Now follow the instructions above to adding media to an asset during asset creation.