Assets can be sent into a Marketplace or auction with media (images, videos and documents) already attached, or with no media attached with a view to adding this within bidlogix. 

This document looks at how media can be uploaded/assigned to an asset while creating the asset.

Add Media while Creating an Asset

To assign/upload media to an asset directly simply expand the MEDIA tab on the Add Asset page, as shown below: 

From here files can be added by dragging and dropping into the advised area of the page or selected manually by clicking Choose File (see image below).

Once a file is selected you will have the option to rename the file within Asset Flow. You will see that the image says ready. The image will be uploaded when you press Save or Save and Add Another, at the bottom of the page. Make sure all the details of the asset are filled in before doing so. 

If you would like to add a YouTube video simply copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into the box that says paste links to youtube videos etc here! and click ADD

Once the pictures and videos are ready to be uploaded you will see them displayed in a list, as below: