Watch this video to see how to create single assets: 

In order to upload a single asset you can start by either:

  • Clicking on the Create Asset button found within the Activity screen (see image below with link highlighted in yellow)


  • Clicking on the Assets header (found on all pages of Asset Flow) and then clicking on the Add Asset button (see image below)

Once you have navigated to the Asset Create page:

  • Select Asset's Language
  • Select Asset's Currency 
  • Select Asset's Bidlogix Configuration (webapp destination) by clicking on the drop down list next to each heading (see image below)

Note: Changing the Bidlogix configuration may change the Asset's category options within the General Info section.

  • Fill in sections that you are responsible for
  • Each field marked with a red asterisk (  ) must be completed in order to allow the asset to be saved and put into a Draft status.

The below image shows the generic asset template, though depending on your company's set up these fields may be renamed, removed and/or custom fields added depending on your company's requirements. 

The main sections that map through to an Auction WebApp's front end are found within General Info and Bidding Details.

For more information please see the image below to see how the asset's information is displayed in the front end, as well as the following help documents:-

Please note: To change your Asset Creation default fields, custom fields, required fields and / or approvals please contact

Please note: You cannot use anything other than Numerical values within number fields. For example, in the Display Price field, you should enter $20,000 you should enter only 20000.