Quick Create Asset is designed specifically with Mobile devices in mind. The following describes how to use Quick Create Asset using a mobile device, but these instructions can be followed for use on a computer as well. Note that the first image in each step is an Apple device and the second is an Android device. 

Using Quick Create Asset is a good way to get lots of individual assets uploaded quickly and to make use of mobile devices for snapping pictures on the go. You can add detail to your uploads later on (see the bottom of this help file). 

Login to Asset Flow. On the Activity Screen/Dashboard (login screen), scroll down to Quick Create Asset. Note that on a computer, these options will appear on the right hand side of the screen near the top. 

Fill in the required fields. These are marked with a red asterisk *. 

To add media to your asset, select CHOOSE FILE. This will ask you how you wish to upload the photo, as shown below: 

Note that the options shown above may differ between devices. These options are representative of most devices but not all. Particularly the icons on Android devices will differ between devices. 

Using an iPhone/Apple device: Choose Take Photo or Video to take a photo and upload it. Choose Photo Library to add a photo you have already taken earlier. Choose iCloud to upload a photo from your cloud storage (Note that uploading an image from iCloud may give a higher quality photo than uploading from your Photo Library.) 

Using an Android device: Select Camera to take a new picture. Choose Camcorder to record a new video. Choose Documents to upload an image you have taken earlier. 

Note that when using an Android device you may be asked to allow your browser to access your pictures and videos, and to record audio. This will appear as below. Click Allow to any access prompts that appear as below. 

To upload a YouTube video, navigate to YouTube in your browser. Copy and paste the video's URL into the field that says paste links to youtube videos etc here! Once pasted, click ADD

When your chosen photos and videos are ready to upload, they will appear in a list with ready showing next to them, as shown below:


To assign/upload media using the Media Library

When all the required fields are complete and you have uploaded/assigned any images, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Saveor Save and add another. Note that you may have to scroll to the right of the screen to see the Save button depending on the device you are using. 

Note that you may wish to add more detail to your assets at a later date. To do so, click the Assets tab. Locate your item in the list by using the FILTERS options. Click on the asset's title to view its details. Edit the item's details as you wish and press Save at the very bottom of the page to save the changes.