Locations can be predefined in the system or they can be entered each time an asset is uploaded. If you wish to use approvals for your assets, you must have locations predefined. 

Non-Predefined Locations

Non-predefined locations are locations that are entered manually. In order to enable non-predefined locations, approvals must be set to Not Required in the Sales Process tab (contact support@bidlogix.net to turn approvals on and off). 

Above is an example of entering a non-predefined location. 

Predefined Locations & Levels

Predefined locations are locations that are saved into the system and users choose these from a dropdown list when inputting assets, as follows: 

These locations consist of an address plus a series of "Levels", which are used to describe or label the addresses. The Group Head Office option seen in the above image is the Level given to this location.

You can set multiple levels for your addresses (contact us on support@bidlogix.net to add or remove levels from your locations) but we strongly recommend keeping the number of levels as low as possible to avoid issues with uploading. 

These levels are important because they are what you would put into the Locations column of the bulk asset upload csv file. It is also therefore important that they are unique and recognisable for each location. 

Bulk Uploading Lots (Predefined Locations)

When bulk uploading lots to a Customer with locations predefined, the location format must perfectly match the one in the system. There are several things to consider when doing this, and several ways to safeguard your upload from errors. These are as follows: 

  1. Use as few Levels in your location as possible (contact support@bidlogix.net for more information) 
  2. Ensure accurate data entry when inputting the location (particularly check there are no double spaces)
  3. Avoid unusual and accented characters
  4. Separate Levels with a forward slash ( / )

If you wish to copy and paste a location, click Add Asset, scroll down to the Locations field, highlight the location you with to copy then right click and select Copy. Switch back to your upload spreadsheet and paste the location in the appropriate column. (NOTE: Copying and pasting the locations from the Customer Settings page will produce an Error while uploading). 

Bulk Uploading Lots (Non-Predefined Locations)

When bulk uploading lots to a Customer with non-predefined locations, you must leave the Locations field blank in the upload document. 

You can then bulk edit the Locations for all the assets as required. 

Exporting Assets (Predefined Locations) 

When exporting an asset with a predefined location, the location field in the resulting CSV file gives the Level(s) of that location. As follows: 

Exporting Assets (Non-Predefined Locations)

If you export the assets before entering a location manually, the location field in the resulting export will be blank. (Shown below outlined in purple) 

If you export the assets after entering a manual location, the location field displays the location with its lines separated by a dash ( - ). (Shown below outlined in red)