Finding Your Basic Settings

Find your Company's Basic settings by clicking on the Cog  in the top right hand corner of the screen, then click Company Settings

Note: You must have the correct permissions to access the following settings. If you cannot see the Cog symbol, please contact support.

Basic Tab

Under the BASIC tab you will find your main language setting, Asset Management Rules and Help/Support Link information.

Setting Languages

Under the BASIC tab you can set your Default Language from a list of available languages 

Click SAVE to save any changes made. 

Asset Management Rules

  1. Require OMV for Approval - as shown in the image above. 

  • If Require OMV for approval is enabled you will need to provide approval justification if the Net Book Value of an asset is equal to or above the entered threshold. 
  • You will be prompted to provide this justification by filling in the red asterisk* fields in the Valuation section of an asset. These required fields are OMV in Situ and OMV Justification.
  • Note: For this to work the Valuation section should be set to require approval.
  • Below is the Valuation section during the Create Asset stage with Require OMV for Approval turned on in the Company Settings.

2. Asset Transfer Window

  • Asset Transfer Window is a rule for Assets using the Purchase Option Transfer
  • Transfer is used for assets being sent into an Internal Redeployment WebApp.
  • It gives a company the ability to set time frame for an asset to be listed on a Redeployment Marketplace.
  • Assets that are not sold within this time frame are returned to Asset Flow with the status Unsold
  • These can then be redistributed or resold as appropriate. 

  • In the example below, the Asset Transfer Window is set to be 10 days.
  • The transfer window includes the day the asset is listed.
  • If the Asset has not been Transferred within 10 days the status of the Asset is automatically updated to Unsold.
  • The asset can then be placed back into Sales Development for re-marketing OR marked as Unsellable/Waste. 

Please Note: To utilise this functionality the Item Type of Listing and a Purchase Option of Transfer in the Bidding Details of the Asset. 

Click SAVE to save any changes made. 

Help / Support Link

At the bottom of the BASIC tab you can enter a help/support link, which will point users to whichever help resource you have. For example:

Click SAVE to save any changes. 

Locations Tab 

Note: If you see the warning: "Locations are not predefined. Please contact with administrator to enable location settings for your group." this means that Locations are currently set to be entered while creating the asset. In order to allow approvals, the location must be set to Predefined. Contact for assistance. 

Approval Privileges Tab

Note: If you see the warning: "Sales process does not require any approvals. Please contact system administrator in order to change it for your company." this means approvals are not enabled for your company. Contact for assistance.