The Activity Screen Summary

  • On the left of the screen you will see your Profile summary, which shows active requests and deals. 
  • In the centre of the screen you will see the Activity pane, which is populated with the latest activity on assets, deals, etc. related to your account. 
  • On the right of the screen is the Approvals and Assets pane, which contains a list of approvals needed and shortcuts to your assets and asset actions. 

The Profile Summary

  • Click on network requests to see pending requests as follows: 

  • Active and archived deals will appear only as numbers rather than links. 

The Activity Pane

  • Initially the activity pane shows all recent activities relating to your account
  • Use the filter titles to show only required information
  • Filter titles are as follows:
    • Assets Created

    • Comments against Assets

    • Uploads

    • Shares

    • Valuations

    • Updates

    • Deletes

Approvals and Assets Pane

  • Click on the Asset Title to go to the asset in order to approve. 
  • The number next to Awaiting My Approval is the number of assets awaiting approval 
  • The Time on the left of the asset title is the amount of time the asset has been waiting for approval 
  • Click any of the blue shortcut buttons to jump to that screen
  • Click Pending Approvals action button to go to a list of assets pending approval