You must ensure that you meet all the requirements listed within this document in order to successfully use and be supported while using the Asset Flow software. 

If you are unsure or have further questions regarding the technical requirements, please get in touch with your administrator or sales contact. 

System Requirements


Our software is accessed via a web browser. We have full support for Google Chrome and we recommend making sure you have the most up to date version. 

You must have internet access while using the software. 

Network Protection

You must enable to following access in order for our software to behave as it should and for us to be able to offer full support to you. Please contact your administrator/IT department with this information before signing up with us. 

  • Allow access * over HTTPs (port 443) for software access
  • Allow access to * over HTTPs (port 443) for image uploads 
  • Allow access to * over HTTPs (port 443) for training and troubleshooting (more information here)

If possible, we recommend using * above as anything/wildcard although we can offer further technical support via if using wildcard is not an option for you.