Release Notes - 28th August 2020 - AssetFlow

Other than our usual work behind the scenes on stability and security, this has been a month of bug fixes and improvements. We hope you feel the benefits!

Bug Fixes 
It was reported that any manually entered location information was being stripped from Assets when using the Bulk Edit feature. This has now been rectified so that you can make bulk edits without affecting the location information for your assets. 

We also found that users were unable to use the 'Click Here' button in the Media section of assets to upload images once the assets were in a sale. We've given this button the healing touch so it should work as expected going forwards.  

Finally for bugs, we've addressed the issue whereby links from AssetFlow did not correctly point to the location of assets on BidJS public sites. You will now be able to follow these links as expected so that you can easily find your assets and view them the way your users are seeing them. 

We've worked on how the CSV upload works in the system to ensure the least disruption to your workflow. You should now be able to work on downloaded CSV files and save them without making further formatting changes (please note that these will still need to be in UTF-8, comma-delimited format as before). 

Lastly for this release we have reworked the Approvals Privilege tab so that company admins can more easily see approval structure and make changes to those users. This is part of on-going work meaning that for now you'll only see an updated look and feel, however this lays the foundations of much more exciting improvements coming down the line. 

That's all for this release. If you have any feedback for us either on AssetFlow or anything else, please get in touch by clicking on this link

Outside of AssetFlow: If you're a BidJS user, you may be asked for your feedback around our upcoming appearance overhaul. We really appreciate the response we've had to our most recent request for feedback, so please keep it coming! If you'd like to become a BidJS user, just get in touch with us on 

Until next time, keep well!

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