Release Notes - 24th June 2020 - AssetFlow

This release will be available from 24th June 2020, subject to change. 

With the second AssetFlow release inside of a month, June is looking pretty great from where we're sitting. It's a brief one this time round but we hope these changes will have a significant impact. 

Firstly, we've made an update to the media library following your feedback pointing out that it can be difficult to see the bookmark icon that sets an image as the lead image, particularly when using dark images. As a result, we have enhance this icon so that it is more visible. 

Secondly, we had further feedback around the fact that you can easily lose your work in the media library by navigating away from the page and subsequently losing any image grouping. We have added a feature that warns you when you are about to navigate away from that page and invites you to confirm this action so you can never lose your work by accident. Phew! 

That's all for now. As you can see from these notes, we truly value your feedback and do our best to provide a product most relevant and useful to you, so if you have any feedback for us please send it to 

Stay safe and well! 

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