Release Notes - 23rd March 2020 - AssetFlow

We hope that this email finds you and your loved ones safe and well at this time of unease. This release features a collaborative effort from guest writers in our team as we pool resources across our teams and ensure we can continue to deliver our usual level of service and support. If you have any questions for us around how we are handling the Covid-19 situation, please get in touch on

We have some incredibly exciting changes for AssetFlow users this release, including most predominantly a brand new way to handle media. So, without further ado, here's what we've got in store for you, available from 24th March 2020. 

AssetFlow New Media Library

There is an awful lot to cover here! Most importantly, where the "Media Library" button used to be there will be a button simply called "Media", which will take you to the new media library. We have completely redesigned this area of the system with the goal of being able to assign many images to many assets as quickly as possible. This is no simple feat and as such we have provided a handy in-app help guide to get you up and running using this new feature, but as usual please reach out to support if you would like some assistance. Below is a run down of the new features and functions within the new Media section. 

Upload files - as before you can either drag & drop or chose files from your file explorer to get them into the system, however you will now be asked if you want to tag these items before uploading. You can tag these items either with a catalogue (aka Asset Group) making it much easier to categorise and find your files later. You can also upload using the standard 1-1, 1-2, 2-3, etc. naming convention to match images to their relevant lot number. On top of this, we have significantly improved the upload speed of all media - result! 

Managing uploaded & unassigned files - once the images are uploaded, you can start arranging them. For example, you can delete them again if needed or you can edit them using our new magnifying glass icon. You can also group the items then use the magnifier again to perform actions such as setting a lead image for the group or removing an image from the group. Once you are happy with the images and have grouped them according to their content (i.e. per asset) then you can assign them to assets based on an assigned index number. 

Assigning media to assets - Selecting an image or group will auto-assign each an incremental index number as you click through, or you can select all to assign the numbers incrementally to all items in the order they are already in. If you make a mistake, you can either deselect all the items to start again, or you can just edit the index number for each of the items on an individual basis. 

Please Note: In order to assign media to assets the assets must be in a catalogue/Asset Group and this group must be selected in the Catalogue panel on the left of the screen. Index numbers are assigned to those assets based on their row and regardless of their Lot Number.

Catalogue panel - the catalogue panel on the left is where you will select the Asset Group that you wish to assign your media to. This can be expanded and collapsed to allow easier inspecting of assigned files. 

AssetFlow New Features and Changed 

Alongside all of the above, we have made a few other changes. Firstly we have made it so that the order of images persists when sending over to Bidlogix, so there will be no further uncertainty of image order between the two systems. Secondly, renaming files within the Asset Details view will also affect the order of items based on their alphanumerical value. 

Anything Else? 

That's it for this release! We would just like to add a note to say that we strongly recommend choosing to use either New Media Library to upload and assign images, or using the traditional method of uploading directly to the Asset's Media section. Although both options can be used for the same asset, this is an early release of the New Media Library and some inconsistencies can result if using both methods for the same asset(s).

We can't wait to hear what you think of the new functionality and we would be grateful for any feedback so please feel free to send your thoughts over to us on

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