Release Notes - 20th January 2020 - BidJS and AssetFlow

Happy new year! We at Bidlogix are very much looking forward to seeing what exciting things this year has to offer. You’ll see from these notes that we’re starting the year off with a bang and we intend to continue the trajectory for the months to come. 

We’ve got some particularly exciting changes coming up for AssetFlow users over the next few releases, which we think will start making things a lot more efficient and you’ll be hearing about the first improvement within these notes. As usual, if you have any feedback for us regarding the new or any existing features, please get in touch on

Please note that this release is scheduled to be available from 20/01/20. 

BidJS New Features 

We found out from your feedback that some users were struggling to view their BidJS invoices efficiently due to the most popular browsers behaving differently to each other and pop-up blockers causing havoc. With this in mind, we have changed the invoice behaviour so that instead of viewing the invoice in a browser the system will offer to download the invoice instead. We have updated the button to display “download” instead of “view” to reflect this change and clarify the action. 

We have also made strides to improve our marketing capabilities by enabling users to select categories of interest during their account creation and by visiting their account settings page. These categories reflect those available to you during item creation. 

Lastly, we’ve made improvements to the speed at which images will load for users when they’re visiting your site. You can find out more here

BidJS Bugs 

We found that when publishing a webcast audio stream some admins could not successfully mute the preview and therefore they would get audible feedback. We’ve made sure this won’t happen any longer. 

Current Software Versions

Current BidJS Major Version: 2

Current BidJS Minor Version: 2.2

Current BidJS Modules Major Version: 1

Current BidJS Modules Minor Version: 1.6

Supported Software Versions

Supported BidJS Versions: 2.2, 2.1, 2.0

Supported BidJS Modules Versions:  1.6,1.5, 1.4


AssetFlow New Features

As previously mentioned, we are working hard to increase the efficiency of asset creation and sale management. We’ve made a significant step towards our goal during this sprint such that when sending assets over to Bidlogix they will now go straight into Live status. This will reduce the admin time taken to get a sale up and running by eliminating the need to login to Bidlogix and make any manual changes before seeing the asset live in the sale. We can already hear the sigh of relief! 

The system will alert you if there is not enough information to validate the asset on the Bidlogix side (e.g. if you are missing a critical detail such as bid increment), but please be aware that the system is currently not able to determine vendors for those assets sent across. Bidlogix will default to the first Vendor in your Vendor list and if this is incorrect for this asset you will need to manually update it. 


That’s everything for this release and we’ll be back in touch soon. 

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