Release Notes - November 2019 (BidJS)

The new features and fixes mentioned below will be available from Monday 11th November, 9am GMT.

New Features

This month so far we have been focusing on implementing Credit Card authorisation for our users. Essentially this means that you will be able to activate the ability to auto-approve users based on the issuance location of their credit card. If you're interested in getting this feature set up for your auctions, get in touch with us on

Bug Fixes

There was a bug around registration whereby if the user was diligently reading the T&Cs for the auction then clicked outside the pop-up to complete their registration then they were thrown back to the auction calendar view. This has now been fixed so that your sensible users can read the T&Cs and then return to the registration page without having to click through again. 

That's it for now, but we're only a week into November so there's plenty of time for us to continue working our magic. We'll keep you up to date!

Current Versions

Current BidJS Major Version: 2

Current BidJS Minor Version: 2.2

Supported BidJS Minor Versions: 2.2, 2.1, 2.0

Current BidJS Modules Version: 1.6

Supported BidJS Modules Versions:  1.6,1.5, 1.4

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