Release Notes - 18 October 2019 (AssetFlow)

Bug Fixes 

Users reported that they were being directed back to the My Activity page when clicking anywhere after a short period of inactivity. We have rectified this so that users can be inactive for up to an hour and they will still be able to continue where they left off. If the user is inactive for more that an hour, they will be fully logged out. 

Feature Updates 

We received some feedback from users that the additional filters in the My Approvals view were not very clear. We have now improved the look and feel of this area with various small but significant changes such as changing the background colour and improving the appearance and interactivity of the text. We've also move the Asset Groups filter out of the additional filters section and into the section of filters that is visible without further action when navigating to the My Approvals page. We received feedback that this was one of the most heavily used filters and so we've listened and made it easier for you to find. 

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