Release Notes - 16th October 2019 (BidJS)

Please note: These Release Notes are subject to change up until the day or release. 

This release we have some fairly significant changes for BidJS clients, which may require input from your technical team. If you or your technical team require any assistance, please contact us on 

Versioning - major vs minor

We've introduced some changes in order to make your life easier and potentially reduce the effort required to keep your software right up to date. Essentially, with this next update you can change your version number just to "2" and this will absorb any minor changes that come along. This means that the next time you will need to change your version will be at the point that we do a major release and jump up to version "3". 

If you are on version 1.5 or below, there are some significant configuration changes to upgrade to version 2.0 or above. You can find those detailed here

Please Note: While this new major-version-only update system will work for almost everyone, it is not recommended for clients using very advanced customisation and styling. If you are not sure, please get in touch to check. 

Shiny New Webcast

This release also brings the introduction of a shiny new webcast view. This will replace the current webcast view with a more modern, cleaner UX and includes some bug fixes simultaneously. 

...When we say bug fixes, we mean that you and your bidders really are going to have a much better experience by switching over to the new webcast view. In the old version you'll be experiencing problems such as: 

  • video stream disappearing when users log in/register on the webcast page view
  • video/audio stream remains when a user navigates away 
  • iPhone users are redirected away from the auction when a video stream is added
  • video/audio streams can sometimes be duplicated causing an echo 
  • and a good few more.

If you need any assistance with updating to the new version, let us know at 

Please Note: This new webcast view is optional. The existing functionality will continue to be available however we will no longer be fixing bugs or introducing new features onto the legacy non-modular webcast. 

View Invoices 

Users will now be able to view invoices in full via the Invoices module. Users are then able to view their invoice in the browser and, if required, they can download a PDF copy to their device. Some browsers may download the invoices by default. To find out more about viewing invoices using different browsers, see our documentation here: 

Bug Fixes

For this release, we found that it was not possible to delete some items depending on their status - this is now solved!

Anything else? 

Alongside all of the above, we have implemented some infrastructural and security updates. We've also added a trigger into the system to let you know when the page has finished loading - you can potentially implement this trigger in many different ways. For example you could use it to display pre-loaded information or perform an action on the site. The world is your oyster! 

Current Versions

Current BidJS Major Version: 2

Current BidJS Minor Version: 2.1

Supported BidJS Minor Versions: 2.1, 2.0, 1.5

Current BidJS Modules Version: 1.5 

Supported BidJS Modules Versions: 1.5, 1.4, 1.3

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