3.83 Release Notes - June 2019 (AssetFlow)


Recently we added the capability for  approvers to be notified in an efficient and timely way when assets are  ready for their approval. This release, we've expanded that  functionality to include notifications for approval cancellations,  rejections and corrections, and the relevant people will be  appropriately notified when an asset is sent into a sale. We hope this  will reduce your inbox traffic and ensure a streamlined workflow. Also,  for users of Deals, the recently released Sales tab can now be shared  with other users in your network in the same way other Deals features  can be!

On top of notification work, we made a wishlist of improvements as follows: 

  • Some users were encountering a timeout when adding images to the  media library.  Now we've made it more robust so the the browser won't  timeout on you. Tick! 
  • Our two new views i.e. My Approvals and Company Approvals were loading slowly when filters were applied. Now it's faster. Tick! 
  • While user were waiting for these actions, the loading spinner sometimes didn't show as expected. Now we've made it right. Tick!
  • Some users found that recently created auctions did not appear as options for assets. That won't happen again. Tick!
  • Our system didn't approve of ampersands (and other special  characters) in filenames for XLS files on upload. We've had a word and  AssetFlow now approves. Tick!
  • Some users found the Sales Price values had gone AWOL in the asset  list view. This is no longer - these values now know to always appear.  Tick!
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