3.83 Release Notes - June 2019 (BidJS and Bidlogix)


This release, we're building on the My Sales feature we introduced last month. Now you'll be able to see sales data down to individual lots for each auction within the My Sales view. 

We've also made improvements so that foreign characters will be displayed correctly in the front end. If you have any content you would like us to update due to this change, please get in touch on support@bidlogix.net

Alongside the above, we have worked towards ensuring stability across our platform during auctions. There have been some situations arising where auctions have become unresponsive to users, particularly during the crucial final stages of sales, so the team have worked hard to quickly diagnose and fix the issues. We'll be sending off this happier release of our software with a kiss on the forehead and a much cleaner bill of health. 

Finally for BidJS, we've ensured that your BidJS sites are now indexed more efficiently by search engines. 


As you will all be aware, we are in the process of migrating everyone to our new AWS servers. We've been doing lots of preparation for the migration, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side! If you have any queries about your migration, get in touch on support@bidlogix.net

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