3.82 Release Notes - June 2019

General performance and security improvements.

BidJS & Bidlogix 

This month we are very happy to announce that we’re releasing the updated TokBox VP8 video stream support for Safari. This means that you can make use of the most of high quality, high compatibility and scalable broadcasting while now also including your Safari users and iOS devices.

On top of this, we've stamped out a bug that was displaying an error to BidJS users. The issue was that users who had been automatically logged out by the system after a period of time had then returned to the software later finding that it was now not displaying properly and that errors were showing instead. We got to the bottom of it and made sure that when a user logs out, they can come back to a refreshed, happy-looking version of our software with no errors. 

Finally, we have improved the details a Vendor can see on their My Sales page for BidJS. This includes some clear graphics and easily consumable sale data. 

Please note that this release includes a version update to BidJS version 1.5 and Modules version 1.2. If you need assistance with updating your software, please let us know and we will be happy to provide documentation and assistance. 


We mentioned in our last instalment of the AssetFlow release notes that we are aware some processes necessitated the making of cup(s) of tea whilst waiting for certain actions to complete. The good news is that we're pleased to be delivering performance upgrades that have vastly improved loading and processing times across the system so you can get your work done in a fraction of the time it takes today. This includes, but is not limited to, speeding up the bulk upload of assets, dramatically reducing the time it takes to display 500 assets per page as well as ensuring thousands of assets can be downloaded in a timely fashion. 

We have made a significant change in that any approvers of post-sale sections of an asset will only be notified that an item is pending approval once they are actually able to go and approve it. This is a big improvement on users previously being notified too early and having to check back in periodically to see if the assets are ready for approval.

Nobody likes drowning in emails, so we've worked on reducing the number of emails approvers will receive when an asset is marked ready for their stamp of approval. Once someone marks an asset section ready for your approval, this will now instigate 10 minute window. If the same section of a different asset is marked ready for your approval within that 10 minutes then it will be added into the same email, starting another 10 minute window. The email will only send when there is a clear 10 minute gap between someone marking that section of different assets for your approval, which should massively reduce the number of emails you receive while still allowing you to stay on top of your pending approvals. Phew!

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