3.81 (AssetFlow only) Release Notes - May 2019

General performance and security improvements.

You'll notice that you're hearing from us a little earlier than usual for this release. We've made a decision to release more often so that you get your hands on the tasty new features even faster. 

Bug Fixes 

We found a bug recently that prevented users from successfully approving the Make Offer & Bids section. We've squashed the bug and you should find your assets' journeys through approvals are now as smooth as Classic Jazz. 

We know that waiting around is no fun, and it was recently reported to us that some of you were having to wait around when trying to load up details for single assets. We've made improvements in this area so when you open an asset detail page, it loads quicker and behaves as expected. 


We've been focusing our work around the visibility of assets when linked to auctions and deals. For example, you can now filter your asset list by either the Auction or Deal it is associated with, which will make it much quicker to find the assets you're interested in and check further details from there. Alongside this, you can quickly click on an Auction Title under the Sales tab within Deals to display the asset list filtered by that deal and auction. Finally, you will also now see that assets which are not currently in an auction are grouped together at the bottom of the Sales tab. 

The final feature we've added this release is the ability to send a subset of assets for correction from the approvals view i.e. My Approvals. This should help you to streamline your workflow within our still-hot-off-the-press approvals view, keeping things quick and easy to find and action. 

That's all this time round. If you have any questions about our new or existing features, please get in touch on support@bidlogix.net. As usual, you can find our AssetFlow help documentation here.

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