3.79 Release Notes - April 2019

It's release time! That time of the month we get to share our news with you and you can check up on our progress with exciting new features. 


Still using Internet Explorer? Unfortunately we no longer support IE in an attempt to make sure we’re looking to the future of technology. If you or your users are accessing our software using IE they will now see a warning letting them know that their browser is not supported. If you are a BidJS user, you can personalise the message that users see - get in touch for more information on this.


This release in Bidlogix we have improved the readability of sites for Googlebot. This means that your sites will now be more easily indexed by Google and will therefore improve Google searchability.

We have now introduced the ability to view auction sales stats on the front end via a new section called My Sales. This could be a big deal for you - it allows your Vendors to keep up with the sale progress of their own items, without needing to provide them with admin access. If you’re interested in implementing this new functionality, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you get set up.

That's all for this release. As always, if you have any feedback or queries for us, get in touch on support@bidogix.net. We love hearing from you!

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