3.79 Release Notes - April 2019

It's release time! That time of the month we get to share our news with you and you can check up on our progress with exciting new features. 


Still using Internet Explorer? Unfortunately we no longer support IE in an attempt to make sure we’re looking to the future of technology. If you or your users are accessing our software using IE they will now see a warning letting them know that their browser is not supported. If you are a BidJS user, you can personalise the message that users see - get in touch for more information on this.


This release in Bidlogix we have improved the readability of sites for Googlebot. This means that your sites will now be more easily indexed by Google and will therefore improve Google searchability.

We have now introduced the ability to view auction sales stats on the front end via a new section called My Sales. This could be a big deal for you - it allows your Vendors to keep up with the sale progress of their own items, without needing to provide them with admin access. If you’re interested in implementing this new functionality, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you get set up.


The team has certainly been busy with the fly swatters this month. Generally speaking we’ve made some security improvements this release but let’s take a look in detail at some of the bugs we’ve taken care of.

There’s been a fair amount of work around the groups functionality. We’ve made sure that the asset ordering experience behaves consistently, even if your group contains archived assets and that you see the right bulk Actions at the right time. We’ve also made sure that when navigating between the groups and other views you’ll always land where you expect to land. Makes sense really!

We found there were a few disabled categories slipping through to AssetFlow from Bidlogix. We’ve made sure you won’t see those anymore.

There was a pesky bug that meant if you changed the status of assets once they had been sent to Bidlogix before the pictures had finished importing then they might not make it over successfully. We’ve made sure that you can change the status to your heart’s content and not risk losing your images on the way.

Just one more thing - we’ve ensured that you’ll see the new larger asterisks consistently across all the different types of required field.


So much is happening! We hope you’ll enjoy reading about all the new features we’ve been working on.

We’re making big improvements around approvals. Last release we introduced the new Pending Approvals view and this time round we’re making it even better. We’ve improved the look and feel of Pending Approvals, enabling you to sort by headings and hide filters to optimise your view. (By the way, these filter choices persist even if you navigate away from the approvals view). You can also hover over the values in any column or dropdown list to see the full text displayed.

On top of this, we’ve added a brand new approvals view called Company Approvals, which allows admins to get an overview of all the assets that have approvals outstanding and be able to nudge those approvers via email.

Following the above changes we’ve added some new privileges that can be switched on and offer per user. If you’re an admin, contact us to find out more.

All hail the Public User! We’ve made changes so that public users can now request approvals for assets they have created and if they’re an approver for any section of an asset they can now see the General Info section alongside the section they need to approve.

Recently we made improvements so that users can clearly see which fields are required at which stages. We listened to your feedback and have made further improvements around the visibility of required fields at the creation stage. We’ll be following up improving visibility at other stages in the coming releases. On top of this, you can now change the text that is displayed in the required fields key at the bottom of the asset - just let us know what you'd like it to say. 

Speaking of creating assets, we’ve now enabled users to add carriage returns into the Description field, so that they can easily create lists or nicely formatted text that will be kept in place when you hit Save. (Please note that at the moment this will not transfer over to Bidlogix until upcoming work is completed). 

Lastly for approvals, we’ve added the ability for approvers to see who created the asset, so they can check any details or fire over any questions to the right person.

That's all for this release. As always, if you have any feedback or queries for us, get in touch on support@bidogix.net. We love hearing from you!

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