3.77 Release Notes - Feb 2019

These notes relate to the 3.77 release due out on Friday 1st Feb. If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch by emailing support@bidlogix.net or raising a ticket through the portal. 

V1: BidJS

This month we have done some bug squashing, which now means that when you link directly to the login modal on BidJS it will stay firmly put. This will make it easy to fully customise your nav bar on pages that don’t contain the BidJS embed.

We’ve also made sure that your users can see BidJS in their preferred language. Now whenever a user visits your site BidJS will load in their browser’s default language (providing there is translated content in place for that language).

Finally we’ve improved our SSO experience by making sure any SSO users only ever see the BidJS My Settings page if there is required information missing from their account.

Please note we are currently supporting BidJS versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. 

V2: AssetFlow

There are some significant changes coming along this month for AssetFlow. We believe these will affect all users instantly when they log in after 1st February so we have put together a quick guide to see you through, which you can find here. Below is a summary of this and other work we’re rolling out this month.

Let’s air our dirty laundry first… We’ve squashed two bugs this month! Firstly, some users were experiencing issues with displaying Deals and secondly we had reports of search result pages behaving inconsistently. We have made sure that both of these experiences are now consistent for users so that both deals and search results display and behave correctly.

Now for the exciting news! We’ve made significant changes to the position of various fields within the asset view. These changes have been made to simplify and enhance the data input experience, making it more intuitive, as well as making sure the fields are relevant to their section and the asset in general.

Before when you created a new asset, you had to input all required fields in order to even save it in draft. We’ve updated our system so that now all you need in place in order to save an asset is the Title, including when you bulk upload. You can come back and add the juicy details later.

If you spend time in the Media Library, you’ll find that there is now a much clearer visual indicator when things are working in the background.

Alongside the above, we’ve made for a more consistent view of buttons in the Create Asset view, but making sure that you can see the “Save and Add Another” option more prominently. Now, instead of just clickable text, you will see a button that mirrors the appearance of the Save button.

We identified that it’s not always clear when fields are required, especially when approvals are involved. We’ve added the ability to clearly see when fields are required before the asset can be moved to Sales Development or if they are required for approval, and to be able to easily distinguish between the two.

We know things don’t always go to plan - that’s why we’ve now added the ability to change approvers while an asset is already in the approvals process. This means you won’t have to start the process again if there is a change of responsibility within your team.

Lastly, you will see a new action button on the dashboard labelled “Pending Approvals”, which currently just gives a list of any assets that are awaiting approval. This is the first step towards a more user-friendly approvals process, so please watch this space.

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